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Author: Steve Palmer

Updated: 08/11/2022

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RV transport services

You might need to move your RV, for instance, when moving around the country and not having extra help to drive it or going on vacation and needing it transported there. Based on your reason, various options are available for you based on your preference and budget. Dive in to find out more about RV services in the United States.


How To Transport An RV

Locating a reputable RV transport company to move your RV at an affordable price can be tricky. On Transportli, you can find a wide range of RV transport options, frequently at prices up to 75 percent less than market rates. You must make a few choices regarding the RV transportation system you need.


Types Of RV Transport Services


Tow away RV transport service

Based on the type of RV you have, this may or may not be possible. Still, this technique includes special tools that enable your recreational vehicle to be transported behind another car.


Flatbed RV service

In this scenario, your RV will be transported by the RV transport firm to its desired location on a flatbed truck. Usually, your vehicle will ride on the flatbed alongside other cars and RVs.


Driver RV service

This approach entails having someone drive your RV to its location. Although it is frequently the least expensive choice, it reduces your vehicle’s mileage.

Best RV transport companies

There are not so many companies out there who can ship RVs. Many will tell they can for sure, but you have to have knowledge and bog pre-screened and vetted carriers database to transport these type of vehicles.

There are a couple of dedicated companies, who only work with RVs, but also a couple of well know full-service companies that can help you with your shipping needs.


Transportli Score




9.6 out of 10


4.6 stars

Ultimate Transport 123

8.9 our of 10


3.7 stars

Ship A Car Direct

9.8 out of 10


4.6 stars

Auto Shipping Group

8.9 our of 10


4.8 stars


9.7 our of 10

Auto Shipping Group

4.7 stars

Mercury Auto Transport

8.5 out of 10


4.6 stars

Can I ship inoperable RVs?

Sure, you simply need to indicate that your car is in inoperable condition. In this case shipping company will hire a trailer with winch to load your car.

Inoperable cars shipping cost is higher!

It will take some time and effort from the driver to load/unload your car into the trailer. You should expect extra 75-100 dollars charge for inoperable car shipping.

RV shipping cost

Given the vast range of variables that can affect the cost, it can be challenging to provide an exact estimate for RV transport; however, on average, moves under a hundred miles will cost about 3.32 dollars for each mile, while those under 1,000 miles cost about 1.05 dollars for every mile.


Other factors affecting RV transport cost


● Service method

The cost will vary depending on your selected service category from RV transport. While most people may recommend flatbed services if you wish to reduce the risk of damage to the RV while transporting, drive-away services are frequently less expensive because all you are paying for is the labor time it takes to drive the car.


● Size of the car

The size of your RV will significantly impact the price because it will dictate the types of transportation you can use. A larger RV might not be able to be towed at all, or it might require a flatbed (unique) or other specific towing tools.


● Delivery location

The quotes you end up receiving for your job may vary depending on where the RV will need to pick up the vehicle. The price may go up if the pickup location is far away from you and requires additional travel time, whereas pickup locations near cities with dense populations may be less expensive.


● Timing

When you want your RV to be somewhere by a specific date, this will almost certainly increase the cost because it may necessitate having a personalized job specifically for you rather than loading it onto a flatbed that is currently traveling, for instance.


● Season of the year

Seasonal variations can have an impact on how much moving your RV will cost. It may be impossible to travel on some routes due to snow, ice, or wind, necessitating a more extended detour. It will increase the price of the quote.


Open Trailer

Enclosed Trailer

Inoperable car





























RV shipping process

Finding the ideal RV transport is always made more manageable by conducting a little research on potential RV haulers. For RV sipping, you also need to look at:


● Licensing

The DOT (Department of Transportation) mandates that all registered RV movers be entirely licensed, bonded, and covered by insurance on top of registration. In most cases, a driver’s recklessness will result in an insurance scheme for RV services covering damage to the recreational vehicle.


● Authorization

Verify that the RV transport company you select is a genuine one. The website of the transportation department makes it simple to verify registered businesses’ (MC) digits.


● Cost

To move your RV, find a company that offers the ideal route, not the cheapest option. Cheap-rate businesses typically offer lousy service as well. You will realize the value of hiring a credible RV transport company when you weigh the advantages against the expense.


● Experience

Make sure to inquire about the business’s experience over the years before hiring someone to provide RV towing services. The top RV shipping firms are equipped to deal with any RV transition with experience, expertise, and assets. The most less strenuous RV moving service can be obtained from an experienced operator.


● Feedbacks

Take a look at customer reviews posted on review websites like Google, BBB, and other credible sources. You can judge the prestige of the RV shipping firm based on this.


Getting Ready for Shipping Your RV


To prepare your RV for shipping, you need to look at the following:


● Ensure all the lights are functioning well.

● Check the lubrication of your trailer’s axles and wheels.

● Avoid overloading the trailer; confirm the weight rate needed to pack the right amount.

● Your trailer must have the correct type of hitch to be towed safely.

● You must securely fasten all personal belongings inside your RV or trailer. Ensure that cabinet doors are shut and sealed if possible.

● Turn off the power source for your trailer.

● Before transport, take out potentially dangerous substances like propane, gas tanks, or firearms.

RV types for shipping

A travel trailer

The most popular kind of non-motorized recreational vehicle is the travel trailer. You have undoubtedly seen one being towed behind a pickup or car and pulled onto the highway. All shapes and sizes of travel trailers are available, from minor jellybean-shaped divisions that contain chuckwagon kitchens in the back to enormous houses-on-wheels with photo windows and gliding patio doors(glass).



● Models for practically every price range

● There is no need to buy a deeply committed tow vehicle because your standard car or truck can serve as your RV transport vehicle instead. Learn more about your towing choices by viewing towing guides.

● Secure walls and doors with locks

● Simple to set up

● Slide-outs widen to create spacious living areas.

● They are customized to meet your requirements with many different floor coverage options, such as bunkhouse designs, couples’ coaches, and back kitchen layouts.

● Many provide 2 or more bedrooms so that you can have privacy.


Fifth wheel

It offers So much space and more stability. Many people, especially those who take extended vacations or RV full-time, enjoy a camper’s trailer called a fiver. They act as a bedroom apartment, a living room, or a kitchen, the notable overhang perched above your tow-truck bed.



● The addition of the pass-through space in the basement provides an unparalleled storage capacity for huge or heavy items.

● Extremely stable hauling because the RV’s weight is partially centered over the tow truck’s rear axle thanks to the 5th-wheel hitch.

● Most have an auto-leveling mechanism for a simple setup.

● A split-level layout produces separate living areas and more privacy.

● The living room, kitchen, wardrobes, and bedrooms have numerous slide-outs.

● Different floorplan designs, including versions with bunkhouses and versions with separate offices or hobby rooms, are present.

● More excellent headroom and taller cabinets due to raised ceilings

● You can use your car for excursions once you are at the campground.


Lightweight trailer

Light-duty trucks, crossovers, SUVs, and sedans can tow lightweight RVs. Lightweights are made of lightweight materials and have more aerodynamic shapes.



● They are made to reduce towing weight, perhaps by 1000s of pounds.

● It has excellent features without sacrificing the relaxing amenities or the longevity you require.


Toy hauler

Toy haulers are frequently referred to as a wild child in the RV industry. The toy hauler has advanced much more than its original use as a moving man cave with (diamond) plate walls. Toy haulers are multifunctional, open-concept interior rooms.



● Open garage on the side or back for storing toys like motorbikes, ATVs, kayaks, and more

● Many times, the back ramp door also acts like a patio deck with side railings and an overhead patio area.

● The garage area can easily switch into a workplace, hobby chamber, studio, or second bedroom.

● Manufacturers provide beds from the roof just by pressing a button and utterly separate TV and enjoyment centers as wrap sleeping alternatives for the garage.

● The ruggedized garage region covers tie-down connectors and safe wall panels and is resistant to water and oil flooring.

● Your taste makes it readily accessible as a 5th wheel, motorhome, or trailer.


Expandable trailer

Expandable trailers include any RV, which enables you to add additional living areas after you are parked, from slide-outs to pop-outs.



● Stretchable sections include tents that let you appreciate nature even as it keeps you protected from the elements, soft-sided (pop-out portions and hard-sided (slide-outs) in the living or bedroom.

● When traveling and camping, expandable trailers are all about extensibility and preference.


Motorhome (Class A)

These motorhomes are some of the most significant automobiles on the road and are constructed using similar structures and buildings as buses and commercial trucks. You have sufficient space to spread out and relax. Class A cars elevate displays and facilities, offering roomy sleeping and relaxing areas, complete kitchens, and luxurious bathrooms.



● Adult travelers can use amenities like the restroom and fridge while the RV is in motion.

● Nearly limitless pleasures, many of which include aspects of a home like a residential fridge, two bathrooms, and a dryer and washer.

● The most advanced external storage with spacious pass-through partitions can cater to larger objects such as coolers, outdoor furniture, and grills.

● Slide-outs on numerous levels to expand living and space for storing

● It’s simple to move ATVs, bicycles, and kayaks thanks to varying design’s toy hauler functionalities.

● A greater towing volume for pulling a freight trailer, car, or toy


Camper van (Class B)

Class B camper vans/ motorhomes are constructed from panel trucks or auto vans. They can efficiently serve as your daily driver because of their compact size. Every interior square inch of the Class B’s stylish, contemporary design is used to cram a ton of goodies into a small space. An entire kitchen, shower, and toilet you can flush, ceiling-mounted, air conditioning, a power converter, a television, and a recreation center, in addition to many that offer a supplementary generator for long off-the-grid trips. The Class B camper van is self-contained, just like the relatively large Class A and C.



● Perfect for narrow streets and busy roads

● Numerous car dealerships offer services for the chassis and engines.

● Easy to park, maneuver, and circle

● It regularly fits in your garage for safe storage


Motorhome (Class C)

The sizes of type C motorhomes vary from large to mega size. The most common models include the Ford E450 and the Chevy express, constructed on a decent-sized cutout van frame. Mini Cs with a ford transit / Mercedes cutout frame is becoming increasingly popular. The Super-C, the grandfather of this group, runs on either a Freightliner or Ford (F550) chassis. Most Class C vehicles run on gasoline, but some, like those with Mercedes frame and Super-C models, are propelled by diesel from the front engine.



● They are regularly shorter in size and less tall, making them easier to maneuver to enter and exit small spaces.

● Adult riders connect to facilities such as the bathroom and fridge while the RV is in motion.

● To boost accommodation and storage areas, the majority have at least 1 slide-out.

● ATVs, bicycles, and kayaks can all be transported thanks to several models’ toy hauler prowess easily.

● Many auto dealerships offer services for the chassis and engines.

● ATVs, bicycles, and kayaks can all be transported thanks to several models’ toy hauler prowess easily.

● Many auto dealerships offer services for the chassis and engines.

● Class C vehicles can tow a cargo, trailer, or dingy somewhat less than class A cars. The exception is the Super C, which has towing space competing with many class A camper vans.

RV shipping FAQ

How much time does it take to ship a car?

Everything is based on where the car is going and the location. Transporting a vehicle usually takes a week or two. The time between pickup and delivery can range from one to eight days.


Can my vehicle be monitored to get regular updates?

If you want your vehicle’s status, get in touch with the VC transport firm by email or phone. Just let them know the car model, pickup and delivery locations, and the number of the VC order.


What actions should I take if my car sustains any damage?

Any damage to your car should be documented on your shipment bill if it goes through while being transported. Before signing any paperwork, get the driver’s signature in recognizing the damage, and call the VC company.