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Cheap Florida Car Shipping Guide

Updated: 07/17/2022

Every year, tens of millions of Americans choose to move their vehicles. In 2020, the automotive logistics market exceeded $256.8 billion. Shipping an automobile frequently includes moving across the country, shifting your home, or traveling for work.

Despite what it may seem like, moving your car from one state to another is not that difficult. You need to have a proper understanding of the process and should know which factors to consider before engaging in hiring cheap interstate automobile shipping services – and that’s basically all!

If you are wondering how to transport your car across country to or from Florida, you have come to the right spot. This post highlights the process of Florida car transport and recommendations on the best Florida car shipping companies. So, let’s get started, shall we?

The best Florida car shipping companies

You require a qualified yet affordable Florida car shipping firm you can trust when you ship a car to or from Florida. Luckily, you don’t need extensive research to seek the best prices, as we have done so for you! Mentioned below are the best Florida car shipping companies you can hire for your vehicle transport.

Ship A Car

Ship A Car, sometimes known as Military Vehicle Shipping, is a well-known car shipping business headquartered in Florida. Numerous consumers have given great feedback, stating that the pickup and delivery times are accurate.

RCC Auto Transport

Another excellent auto transportation business in Florida is RCC Auto Transport. They maintain an effective connection with their customers for quick and straightforward navigation to the destination/shipping address. Hiring RCC Auto Transport will entitle you to prompt shipment and effective delivery.

Dynamic Auto Movers

Customers of Dynamic Auto Movers state that this business provides the quickest automobile delivery. Less time could, however, mean that a vehicle is handled roughly, and many consumers appear to be cautious of this particular aspect. However, there is no such concern with Dynamic Auto Movers because prior clients have confirmed that they handled the vehicles with the utmost care and that there were no reports of scratches or improper handling throughout the shipping procedure.

Ride A Way Vehicle Transport

Ride a Way Vehicle Transport is another excellent solution for your Florida car shipment. Based in Florida, the company is believed to offer up to 30% discounts compared to other shipping firms in and around Florida. Apart from the excellent deals and prices, the customer support employees are also reasonably well-behaved and keep in touch with the clients, which is an added plus.

Car Transport Express

Car Transport Express is a top-notch service that offers an unmatched user-friendly experience. To provide the most transparent process in all of Florida, their staff take it upon themselves to walk the customers through every step, policy, route plan, etc. Additionally, they offer your car’s speedy and high-quality delivery, which is often desired, especially if you require urgent services.


Here is the list of most trusted nationwide car shipping companies, that also serve Florida:

Company name




Ship a Car Direct


5 stars

5 stars

Auto Transport 123


5 stars

5 stars

AmeriFreight Car Shipping


5 stars

5 stars

Montway Auto Transport


5 stars

5 stars

Auto Shipping Group Inc.


5 stars

5 stars

Florida major car shipping routes

While you can practically relocate your vehicle from Florida to anywhere in the US, there are some key routes that people usually opt for. The central Florida car shipping routes include:

• Florida to Massachusetts

• Florida to New York

• Florida to California

• Florida to Illinois

• Florida to Michigan

• Florida to Minnesota

• Florida to Ohio

• Florida to Utah

• Florida to Wisconsin

• Florida to Texas


Let’s compare prices on these routes for a standard sedan type of the car:


Open Trailer

Enclosed Trailer

Inoperable Car

































Most used trailers to ship cars in Florida

What Types of Vehicles Can Be Transported?

The Florida car shipping services these days can deliver practically any vehicle without a hassle. You can send any vehicle, from a Sedan to an SUV and even pickup trucks, to and from Florida to another state. What matters is the type of delivery service you choose.

While each option has benefits and drawbacks, the sole determinant will be the state to which you want to transport your vehicle. You can choose between the following categories of car transportation alternatives depending on your needs, finances, and convenience:

Singe car tow trailer

It is another fantastic option for speedy Florida car transport. It is a more convenient option as the trailer can be attached to the back of the truck to accommodate one or two vehicles. Additionally, this kind of delivery is highly affordable.

Single Level Tractor Trailer

This car shipping will be your best option if you have a large vehicle, such as an SUV or jeep. The single-level tractor trailer’s key advantage is that it is made for automobiles with non-standard sizes.

Multi-Level Tractor Trailer

Multi-level tractor-trailers are the fastest, most efficient delivery method and can fit several cars. However, there is a chance of multiple unloading. So, take out any priceless stuff from the automobile in this way.

Driver Delivery

The main advantage of hiring someone to drive for you is that you may load up your bags and avoid having to pay packers and movers. Additionally, you may benefit from the driver’s expert service and even ride along with them, which will enable you to save even more money when considering how to ship a car from Florida.

However, hiring such experts can be costly, and you might also need to get additional insurance. Finding a qualified driver who is dependable and will take good care of your automobile can sometimes be challenging.

Open trailers

Open trailers used by vast majority of car shippers (private and business). It's a low cost, affordable and easy to find way of transportation.

Enclosed trailers cost 75% more!

You should consider using enclosed trailer in case you have a classic, luxury or exotic car. While open trailers are safe enough insurance options are better in enclosed trailer.

Florida car shipping process

You must thoroughly understand how moving an automobile from one state to other works if you’re wondering how to move your car from Florida. Here is a guide to explain how auto firms pick up your vehicle and transport it to another state:

Step 1: Shortlist the Best Car Delivery Service

This is the most crucial and thoughtful part of the entire process. But not for you! You can use our list of the best (and cheap) Florida car shipping services and shortlist the ones that best suit your need. Ideally, you need a reputable auto transportation business with good client testimonials.

Step 2: Get a Quote

Next, you need to contact the Florida car transport company and get a quote for your delivery. Give them your specifications and, if necessary, bargain over the cost. Along with all the information on your car, the auto transport business will also need information about the pickup and drop-off locations and whether you prefer open or enclosed shipment.

Step 3: Pickup

When it’s time to pick up your automobile, a team from the auto transport firm will show up and take it away to ship it out of state. When a driver is assigned to pick up your vehicle, the dispatcher will also give you a call.

Although some may phone sooner, most drivers call 24 and 48 hours before the pickup date. The driver will confirm all the specifics surrounding the collection and delivery dates and hours and provide you with a solid pickup date and time.

Step 4: Delivery

Once the Florida car shipping company has delivered your car, check the vehicle for damage. Once satisfied with the delivery, you are set to sign the Bill of Lading and approve delivery.

Florida car shipping cost factors

The main factors are: route, vehicle size, runner or non-runner, season.


Average Price to/from Ship From Florida

Most popular Florida cities for car shipping

Here is a list of the five most populated Florida cities that are also the most popular Florida automobile shipping locations:

• Jacksonville


• Tampa

• Orlando

• Saint Petersburg

• Hialeah











St. Petersburg




Florida car shipping FAQ

Upon coming this far, you must have concerns regarding the Florida car transport process. To save you the hassle of searching for answers to your queries, we have listed the top car transport FAQs below:


Q: How much does Florida car shipping cost?

A: “How much does it cost to ship an automobile from Florida” is a legitimate question, regardless of the type of car you wish to ship. For this reason, you must pick an auto shipping company that will meet all of your needs while being affordable. The cost of Florida car transport depends upon several factors, like:

• distance

• the type of carrier you choose

• self-pickup or door-to-door delivery service

• time frame

• car type – moving a high-end sports car with a unique paint job might cost more than a standard sedan or SUV.


Q: What documents are required to ship a car to Florida?

A: You must keep a file with all your car’s documentation on hand when researching how to ship a car to another state. These include registration, purchasing paperwork, and insurance.


Q: Can we transport a car to another state with personal belongings?

A: Some car shipping companies let you move a car and a few boxes of your things from one state to another. But not all businesses give the same permission. Check-in advance with the company you hire.


Q: Do car transportation companies cover insurance?

A: Some businesses do. Make sure to ask the car transport company about their insurance coverage policy before signing a contract with them.




Car shipping is a serious deal; it requires thorough analysis to ensure that you invest in a reliable service. However, you can rest assured that these Florida car shipping companies are reliable and offer the best service. Moreover, you can tailor the procedure as you like; plan the pickup day and time to suit your schedule, and receive regular updates to keep track of the team’s progress.