Legal Questions


Q. Can I remove my business page from Transportli?

Transportli publishes business information so that consumers can share their experiences about local businesses, and because the information is typically a matter of public record and public concern. Therefore we don’t remove such information from the site. The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech.

While we understand that some business owners might prefer to keep a low profile, it’s important (and a legal right) for consumers to be able to find and share helpful information about great local businesses.

If you need to update or change the information on your business page, please submit any changes by editing your business information to and submitting a detailed note with any supplementary information.

If your business is permanently or temporarily closed, please let us know by reporting it. Please note that closed businesses sometimes still appear in Transportli search results, for example, to inform users that the business is closed.

Transportli is a public website for reviews and ratings, and most of the included moving companies are listed by its community and visitors. As we want to protect the freedom of speech, we want to have customers’ reviews listed online for public reference. This is why listings cannot be removed from the site.

In rare occasions when there are duplicate listings of the same company, we merge those listings into one single listing and all reviews from both old listings will be listed under the new single listing.

More specifically sites like, Yelp, TransportReviews, MyMovingReviews, etc., are protected by the Communications Decency Act of 1996 which offers broad protection for websites like The Communications Decency Act Section 230 declares that operators of Internet services and websites are not considered publishers and therefor not legally liable for the words of third parties who us their services.

For more information on the Communications Decency Act please visit:

Furthermore, all visitors to the site our bound by the sites Terms of Use and Disclaimers.


Q. I understand what’s said above, but I still want to remove my listing from your website. Will you?

Simple Answer

No. Transportli is not a voluntary site. You may choose to be active with the site or you may choose to neglect your company on the site, but you may not be removed from the site. We will not silence the opinions and free speech of the individuals who choose to submit a review good or bad. Only the customer who submits a review may request its removal.

Complex Answer

It is possible for a company to “hide” on Transportli. However, it requires that 100% of the customer reviews be removed from the site. Only the person that submitted the review may remove the review, so it makes this very difficult.

However, if all reviews were removed from the site your company would fall into an inactive state on the site. This means that your company WOULD be on the site, but it would not be found in the rankings or directories.

Additional Information

Most reports on Transportli are based on one or two years of data. After two years without reviews your company will more-or-less be in an inactive state where you will not show up in reports or the directory by name.

However, the company remains on the site, it is just harder to find them.


Q. Will Transportli remove a false or defamatory review?

If you see a review that you believe violates Transportli’s Content Guidelines, please report it and include any information that can help us verify the information. Transportli is a community-driven site, and removing photos, reviews, or other user content is not something we take lightly—we generally allow users to stand behind what they write. It’s also important to keep in mind that Transportli doesn’t take sides in factual disputes.

After a review has been investigated by our moderators, Transportli sends an email notification to the business owner or user who reported the content, notifying them of the results, which may take several days. We’ll typically also notify the reviewer if their content has been removed.

If you received a notification that the reported review was not removed by Transportli moderators—but you have obtained a final order from a court of competent jurisdiction explaining why a review is defamatory—please contact our Support team at

Transportli uses an automated software to determine which reviews to recommend to users. Even if our moderators don’t remove a review, the software may separately determine that it’s not reliable enough to recommend to Transportli’s users.


Q. Can I sue Transportli for a bad review?

It’s certainly worth discussing your concerns with a lawyer who specializes in internet law, but any good lawyer will likely tell you that:

Consumer speech is protected under the law, even when it’s negative Transportli isn’t responsible for the opinions of your customers.

Suing Transportli will only draw more attention to the negative review than if you simply ignored it.

Lawsuits are extraordinarily expensive, and you may be responsible for Transportli’s legal bills at the end of the case


Q. How can law enforcement officials get in touch with Transportli?

If you are a law enforcement agent who is authorized to gather evidence in accordance with an official investigation, you can contact our legal department at

Requests to Transport through the email above may be made only by governmental entities authorized to obtain evidence in connection with official legal proceedings pursuant to Title 18, United States Code, Sections 2703 and 2711. Unauthorized requests may be subject to prosecution. By requesting access you are acknowledging that you are a government official making a request in official capacity.