Military Car Shipping (Discounts & Rates)

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Author: Steve Palmer

Updated: 08/20/2022

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Military car shipping basics

Military car shipping is a specialized type of auto transport that meets the unique needs of military personnel who are transferring from one location to another. Military car shipping services help service members and their families relocate by transporting cars as well as household belongings throughout the world. When you’re moving to another base or a new home, enlisting the help of a trusted car shipping company can take a significant amount of stress off your shoulders. If you don’t have time to research local auto transport companies or aren’t sure which company is right for you, we can help. This article will explain how military car shipping works, what to look for when hiring a car shipping company, and more.

Who Can Benefit From Military Car Shipping?

Anyone who is transitioning from one location to another and needs to transport a car can benefit from military car shipping. Whether you’re moving from California to Florida, or from Virginia to Hawaii, you can enlist the help of a car shipping company to make sure your car arrives at its new destination safely. There are several types of people who will greatly benefit from enlisting the help of a car shipping company.

These include:

– Families Transferring Between Military Bases

– If you’re moving from one base to another, you’re likely going to need to ship your car to its new location. In most cases, you won’t be able to drive your car between bases, and you might not have time to find a car shipping company in your area.

– Military Spouses Moving to a New Location

– Military spouses are often transferred to different bases and locations, making it difficult to transport a car. Many spouses don’t have much time to find a local car shipping company, and they might not have a car to ship in the first place.

– Military Personnel Moving to a New Location

– Whether you’re moving to a new base or a new home, you can use a car shipping company to transport your car to its new destination.

– Military Personnel Moving Overseas

– If you are being stationed overseas, you’re usually required to ship your car to its new location.

Best military car transport companies

There are several things you should look for when choosing a car shipping company for military car shipping. The first thing you should do is check out the company’s website. A car shipping company’s website should provide information about their services, including information about military car shipping.

In addition to browsing the car shipping company’s website, you should check out online reviews. You can find reviews for most car shipping companies by searching online. You should read both positive and negative reviews to see what others are saying about the company. You can also ask others who have used a particular car shipping company for their thoughts.

Another thing to look for in a good car shipping company is the price. You can find out the price of shipping a car by visiting the company’s website or by calling the company directly.

Good car shipping company should be registered on BBB and be accredited there. It’s imperative to check their FMCSA registration and make sure their authority is active. Please remember, that the company you sign the contract with most probably will be a broker company – they do not carry their own insurance and your vehicle will be insured by the carrier company delivering your vehicle.


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Military Auto Transport Process

The auto shipping process for military members is similar to the process for civilians, but it does have its own set of rules. Most car shipping companies will ship cars to any location in the world. That said, there are some places where car shipping companies may not be allowed to ship cars.

If you are shipping your car to another base, the process is a bit different. You’ll need to go through the shipping process before you arrive at your next base. You can either rent a car at your next location or you’ll have to wait for you vehicle to arrive.

When shipping a car to a new location, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to know the size of your car and whether or not it will fit in the shipping company’s vehicles. Next, you’ll need to make sure your car meets the shipping company’s requirements (it breaks, steers and in operable condition). Some companies will not be able to deliver your car directly to the military base, so you’ll need to meet them at the gate or at the nearest parking lot. 


Can I ship inoperable cars?

Sure, you simply need to indicate that your car is in inoperable condition. In this case shipping company will hire a trailer with winch to load your car.

Inoperable cars shipping cost is higher!

It will take some time and effort from the driver to load/unload your car into the trailer. You should expect extra 75-100 dollars charge for inoperable car shipping.

Military car shipping cost

While some companies offer military discounts we decided to check the car shipping rates on all major routes within the USA to give you a ballpark example of costs associated with car shipping.

These prices are something average of what carriers usually ask and should be used only as an example.


Open Trailer

Enclosed Trailer

Inoperable car





























Military car shipping pros & cons

Pros of Military Car Shipping

There are many benefits of choosing to ship a car with a car shipping company that specialized in military car shipping. First, you can choose from a variety of different shipping options, including ground, air, and ocean shipping. This gives you some control over how fast your car will arrive at its new location. You can also track your car as it travels to its new location to ensure it arrives safely. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding a car insurance policy as the shipping company will cover it.

Another benefit of shipping your car with a car shipping company is that you can have the vehicle delivered right to your new home or base. This can save you a lot of time and effort. You don’t have to worry about driving your car within the USA, wasting your time and adding extra miles on the odometer.


Cons of Military Car Shipping

There are some cons to shipping a car with a car shipping company. First, you’ll need to pay for the shipping company’s services. Shipping a car to another location can be expensive, so you’ll need to make sure you have the money to pay for the service.

Another con of shipping your car with a car shipping company is that you need to ship the car before you arrive at your new location. This means you won’t have your car to drive until it arrives at your new home or base. You also need to make sure your car meets the shipping company’s requirements.

Military Car shipping FAQ

Yes. The Carrier insures your vehicle for the full market value during transport.


The transporter will call you within 24 hours prior to delivery and make every effort to arrange a schedule that is convenient for you.


Yes. We transport inoperable vehicles; however, there may be an additional fee added to the COD amount payable to the transporter. It is your responsibility to notify the agent at the time that you schedule your transport of the operability/inoperability of your vehicle.


If damage occurs during transport, we will assist you in processing your claim against the carrier. You should notify us immediately and the claim must be filed within 7 days of delivery. It is imperative that you inspect your vehicle (with the transporter) at the time of pick up and delivery. Your signature on the Bill of Lading shall be evidenced that the vehicle has been delivered satisfactorily and is damage free.


Both choices are available. An open carrier is similar to those that transport cars to and from dealerships. These carriers range in size and capacity. Vehicles that are moved via an open carrier are exposed to the same conditions as normal driving conditions. Enclosed carriers also range in size and capacity. Since these carriers are completely covered, the vehicles are not subjected to inclement weather or road conditions.

Secure or remove any loose parts or specialty items, i.e., ground effects, spoilers, fog lights, wide mirrors and lower or remove the antenna if possible. Repair or seal any tears or open seams on convertible tops to prevent fast-moving air from causing further damage. Insure that the radiator has adequate levels of fresh antifreeze. The battery should be secure, have no leaks, and fluid levels should be low enough to accommodate expansion. Leave only about tank of gas in the vehicle. Finally, make sure that your vehicle is clean enough to ensure an accurate pick up inspection. Slightly open one window to relieve pressure due to temperature and elevation changes. This will allow for your vehicle(s) to breathe and protect window(s) from blowing out because of the temperature and pressure changes during transport.


Military car shipping is a great option for military personnel who are transferring from one location to another. It’s also a great option for military spouses who are moving to a new location. However, military personnel who are being stationed overseas should not ship their cars. In that case, it’s better to buy a car at the new location and sell your car at the old location. No matter what type of transfer you’re going through, you’ll likely need to ship a car to your new location. In that case, it’s a good idea to choose a car shipping company that specializes in military car shipping.