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Hawaii car shipping basics

Whether you have decided to move to Hawaii permanently or you are going there for some fun vacations, having a car is a problem. It is far better to transport a vehicle to Hawaii than buying a new car or renting it in case you are going on vacation.

What if you are traveling for the first time and have no idea how to transport the car from the mainland to Hawaii and back to the mainland once you want to travel somewhere else.

This article is going to be a complete guide for you if you are interested in knowing how to transport a car to Hawaii. We will discuss the whole process and how much expenses it will cost you monetarily.

The transportation of a vehicle to Hawaii from the mainland is not as tricky and complicated as most people think. There are several vehicle transport companies that ship your car to Hawaii at the desired time.

Let’s just dive in and see how it works.

Hawaii cheap car shipping companies

The two most important companies for shipping vehicles and automobiles to and from Hawaii and the mainland are, PashaHawaii and Matson.


PashaHawaii is known for transporting vehicles, including cars, trucks, jeeps, and containers to Hawaii or from Hawaii to any land.

They claim to load and unload your stuff safely and transport it with every protective measure possible.

For car transporting services to Hawaii, they ship your car from various California ports (San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles) to Hawaii ports, including Hilo and Kahului.

Their services start from $920. Even if you feel like not shipping to a particular place, they claim a 75% money-back guarantee for premium guaranteed services only that starts from $1705 on one standard unit.

For pick-up services from anywhere in California, they are charging an extra amount for it. They arrange pick-up and delivery themselves.

For cancellation policy, you can always choose to reserve the service for future transportation without any penalty. However, in case of a complete cancellation of the reservation, $75 will be deducted before refunding.

Conditions for vehicle transport

  • The vehicle should be in working condition.

The vehicle you need to transport should be in immaculate condition. There should be no leakage of any kind.


  • Storage conditions

You should pick up your vehicle on time in case of port-to-port or door-to-port services. Any additional storage will result in extra charges, which you have to pay.


  • Items inside the vehicle

There should be no personal items inside the vehicle before shipping. If there is any, PashaHawaii will not accept the car to transport.


  • Appointment reservation

You always have to set an appointment for dropping off and picking up your vehicle. In case you go to pick up the car without an appointment, you might have to pay a fee of $150 for convenience.


  • Booking and payment method

One can book for the shipment online through a phone call or an e-mail anytime. Paying methods include visa, master card, electronic transfer.


  • Obtaining container shipping quote

To get a container quote from PashaHawaii, you need to fill a form, which you can get here. You need to fill out some basic things like your address, phone number, description, destination, origin, etc.



Matson is an auto transport company working for 138 years to ship vehicles and other household appliances across the Pacific.

Their prices start from $1497 with the claim of shipping car in its perfect condition. They provide services to Hawaii ports of Honolulu, Kahului, Hilo, and Nawiliwili from the US mainland ports of Oakland, Tacoma, and Los Angeles.

They are shipping your vehicles from Hawaii to the west in around 9 to 24 days.

Car care

Matson makes sure you are getting what you left. They deliver thousands of cars each month with full care. The vehicles are correctly closed in the containers or especially build frames for cars protecting your car from the ocean water or any other mishap.

Conditions for vehicle transport

Some essential conditions that should be fulfilled before transporting a vehicle through Matson are:

  • The car should be washed
  • There should not be any personal belongings inside the vehicle
  • The tank should be ¼ filled.
  • There should not be any electric appliances or fire extinguishers
  • Windows should be free of damage and cracks.


If you are an active duty member of the military, you can get a $100 discount from Matson. You simply need to fill the form of “Active Duty” on their website online.


Matson is offering both door-to-door and port-to-port services. For door-to-d-door, they will give you a quick drop off and pick up, making the process of car transport convenient for you.

All you have to do for port-to-port is to drop your vehicle at the port and get a tracking tool. You will find conveniently where your car is in real-time.

Company name




Pasha Hawaii


5 stars




5 stars


Young Brothers


5 stars


Best nationwide car shipping companies

There are two types of companies that can ship cars in the USA: brokers and carriers. Brokers are the middlemen who organise the process. prepare all documentation, talk with customers and solve issues. Carriers are the actual companies who perform the transportation.

The driver from the carrier company will show up on the pickup location, load your car and deliver it to the destination point. We’ve prepared the list of Top 5 nationwide car shipping companies you can be safe to work with. You can find the list below.

Company name

Transportli Score


Ship a Car Direct

9.8 out of 10


4.6 stars

Ultimate Transport 123

8.9 out of 10


3.7 stars

AmeriFreight Car Shipping

9.7 out of 10


4.7 stars

Montway Auto Transport

9.6 out of 10


4.6 stars

Auto Shipping Group Inc.

8.9 out of 10


4.8 stars

How much does it cost to ship a car to Hawaii

There are different options available to ship a car from the mainland to Hawaii. These include port-to-port, door-to-door, door-to-port, or port-to-door services.

The price and time taken vary depending upon the service you are choosing. Port-to-port service is always cheaper and quicker when compared to other services.

The cost of Hawaii auto transport ranges from $1400 to $2400.

Other than the services, car transport cost also depends upon:

  1. Where the car is shipping to
  2. Where the car is shipped from
  3. How fast you want the car to be shipped
  4. Size and type of vehicle

If you are situated near the port, such as in California, it will cost you less. In the opposite case, you need to make a door-to-port or door-to-door shipping, which will cost more.

Other than that, the height, length, and width of the car also matter. Automobiles larger than 21’8′ will cost more to move the vehicle to Hawaii.



CA - Hilo


CA - Honolulu


CA - Kahului


CA - Lanai


CA - Molokai


California to Hawaii car shipping

Main ports in Hawaii

If you do not have much insight about Hawaii island and plan to go there for vacation, you do not have to worry. We will let you know about Hawaii, a few essential ports in Hawaii where you can quickly ship your vehicle.


It is the most crucial cargo spot in Hawaii. Around 8 million tons of cargo are carried out in Honolulu each year. It is situated at 2500 miles to California and is one of the United States’ busiest ports.

Apart from being the busiest port, it has such beautiful scenes all around. Ships rolling in and out is the most mesmerizing scene to view. The seafood here is the one good thing one should go there for.


The port at Hilo is a commercial center where full service is provided. It is a one-stop for national and international cargo ships. It has its closest route to California.


Valley Isley is the most important place in Kahului. It is the most mesmerizing valley which attracts tourists attraction. Even the airport of Kahului is close to the Harbor. Everyone going to Maui will have to go through Kahului.

Kahului bay is situated just 2 miles from the Harbor, making it an excellent place to drop off and pick up containers.

Main ports on the mainland

Los Angeles, CA

It is also called America’s port. It is one of the most important ports that occupies an area of 4,300 acres. It is essential and the regional, local, and national levels. It holds the employment of around 1 million people in California.

This port has 25 cargo terminals in which there are 82 container cranes. This port is especially famous for shipping automobiles, furniture, and electronics.

Oakland, CA

It is the second-largest container port in the world. It holds around 40% of jobs in the region and among the ten most occupied American ports. It is a trade center for San Francisco bay. Its port runs on a land of 900 acres.

San Diego, CA

It is a gateway for California to the Pacific. This port is self-supporting, not owned by the government, made for benefitting the public. It has an annual passenger traffic of 250K—Port of San Diego is among the US’s 30 most important ports. Around 3 million tons of cargo is brought to the port per year.

Ship a car from Seattle to Hawaii

Hawaii major cities

Hawaii State is located in the Pacific Ocean and has about 137 Islands. With 7 major islands, this tiny state is a perfect destination for tourists. If you are in search of one a kind adventure destination, Hawaii is the place to visit. Most, tourists like the island nation due to its serene scenes that are accessible easily. If you are a mountain hiker or a surfer, this place is top-notch and offers quite affordable accommodations.

All 7 major islands are safe to visit thanks to the policing strategy articulated by the state. Although not all islands are free to visit, the price charged for visiting one of the paid-for islands is quite cheap. Just visit one of these sites and you will encounter positive reviews from past travelers.

All that said, it’s the right time to check and scan the best 7 islands in Hawaii. These islands aren’t your normal ones since they offer a different experience. If you haven’t visited Hawaii, it’s the right time you consider doing so. Below are some of the best islands to travel to when touring Hawaii.

Top 7 islands to visit when in Hawaii

#1. Kauai

Kauai is a magnificent tourist attraction place situated in the northmost part of Hawaii. The island has some of the best landscapes making it ideal for adventure. Kauai is also one of the largest islands in Hawaii with a vast area remaining undeveloped. Most people on this island live in Princeville, Lihue, and Hanalei. Also, the island has a population of about 75,000 people which makes it a great destination for couples to visit. Kauai has classy boutiques and shopping centers full of many accessories to fascinate tourists. A must-visit place in Kauai is Mauka mountain which has rivers and waterfalls ideal for hiking enthusiasts. If you wish to travel to Hawaii, Kauai is one of the best islands to relax and have a memorable adventure experience.

#2. Maui

Maui Island is located in Maui County and is the second most extensive island in Hawaii. It’s one of the top-visited islands in Hawaii and has a population of about 150,000 people. In terms of business, the island is great for agriculture and tourism. If you are visiting this Island for the first time, expect to enjoy magnificent sceneries like beaches and rainforests. Maui also has many tour guides that know every inch of this Island. One of the major attractions to visit is the great Hana road which offers second-to-none scenery. If you reside in an urban town and looking for a serene environment to relax in, then Maui is the perfect destination to visit.

#3. Oahu

Most citizens of Hawaii reside on this Island which also serves as the capital city of this island nation. Tourists visiting this Island are blessed with some of the best sceneries like beaches and rainforests. This city is modernized and offers great nightlife experienced nowhere else in Hawaii. Also, Oahu has museums that are suitable for students and people who follow history. Remarkably, Oahu has a great mountain that is ideal for hikers. For sports people, the Oahu beaches are ideal for surfing and attract many surfers globally. All in all, this Island is blessed with some of the best sceneries that excite people of all ages.

#4. Molokai

Molokai prides on having unique sea scenery and is suitable for mountain hikers. This Island is the fifth in terms of population and area. Importantly, Molokai is suitable for business people particularly those affiliated with agriculture. Pineapples are vastly cultivated on this island making it a great place to farm. Also, this place offers historical sites suitable for people who follow or work on history-based works. For perfect relaxation, the Island offers great deals that don’t exhaust your wallet. For couples, the Kaunakakai town is a must-visit place due to its exquisite aroma that originates from flowers. Most tourists review this place positively making it a wise destination to visit.

#5. Lanai

If you are seeking privacy, then Lanai Island is the place to visit. This destination offers the best romantic adventure for you and a loved one. Lanai isn’t affected by traffic jams making it a good avenue to travel if you are in a rush. The Island scenery is top-notch thanks to many awesome palm trees. For golf players, there is a popular golf course ideal for showcasing talent. This Island is owned and run by Oracle with the state owning about 2% of the Island. This makes the Island private and suitable for high-end tourists. From classy restaurants to resorts to customized travels, visiting this Hawaii Island is the best decision to make before the year ends. Try visiting Lanai and you will never regret anything.

#6. Niihau

This highland is privately owned and thus a perfect destination for people seeking privacy. To visit this place, you need to talk to its owners. Niihau hosts native communities and is thus a great place for history lovers to visit. With over 200 native villages, this island destination is great for learning a new culture. The owners of this Island are particularly caring for the local community which is a lacking acquaintance found in most Hawaii Islands. The price charged for accommodation is quite expensive and thus making this destination the best for high-end tourists. Most tourists who have visited this place review it positively. If you haven’t visited one of Hawaii’s seven Islands, Niihau is the perfect location to relax privately.

#7. Kahoolawe

Kahoolawe is the smallest Island in Hawaii and is privately owned. To visit this destination, you need to be a volunteer working in public works. This destination has few residents with some people living onshore. Kahoolawe roads are smooth to drive through which is a lacking thing among most Islands in Hawaii. People practicing environmental conservation are afforded a genuine destination that has a conservancy. From marine life to serene sceneries, this tinniest Island in Hawaii is the best travel destination. Tourists who have visited this place validate it well due to its privacy. To visit this place, just communicate with the owners and wait for a response.



Annual growth rate

Kauai County



Maui County



Oahu County






Lanai County



Interisland Hawaii car shipping

You might wonder how to ship a car interisland in Hawaii. The truth is there is only one good option – Young Brothers. They started their business in early 1960s and since then offering low prices and good service to their customers.

Users report that there is no additional or extra fees, Young Brothers covers repair in case of the damage during the transit, and overall the service can be described as good. It’s better not to pack your vehicle, and it can be delivered dirty just like during any vehicle transport.

Insurance coverage is for a maximum liability of $5,000. Additional insurance is at a rate of $0.128 per $100 of coverage (beyond the initial $5,000). All vehicles must be in compliance with the Hawaii State Law governing the shipment of vehicles. Automobiles are defined as any four (4) wheeled rubber tire self-propelled motor vehicle that is in operable condition designed for transport on public streets and highways and that does not exceed seven (7) feet in height at the highest point, eight (8) feed in width at the widest point, or twenty (20) feet in length at the longest point. Vehicle weight not to exceed 6500 lbs.

Here are the standard rates to ship your car interstate with Young Brothers (prices are a subject to change and provided here for information purposes only):

Honolulu To:


Car Type





AUTO SMALL 0-2,500 lbs





AUTO MEDIUM 2,501-4,000 lbs





AUTO LARGE 4,001-6,500 lbs





To Honolulu

Car Type





AUTO SMALL 0-2,500 lbs.





AUTO MEDIUM 2,501-4,000 lbs.





AUTO LARGE 4,001-6,500 lbs





Reasons to move to Hawaii

Hawaii is the best destination to visit as a tourist. From job seekers to people seeking a new start, Hawaii receives many people each year. But what makes Hawaii a favorite touring destination for most people? Let’s look at some remedies that make people relocate to Hawaii.

Sandy Beaches

Hawaii is recognized worldwide for its sandy beaches that allow you to enjoy some ocean time. Also, if you are a surfer, this state provides the best platform to compete with pro-surfers. The ocean blue waters are also great for taking photos and that’s why this state is liked by many people.


Hawaii offers one of the best climates by being sunny on most days of the year. During the winter period, there is no better place to visit than Hawaii. With abundant sunshine plus minimal humidity, this state is the perfect destination to visit.


Hawaii provides some of the best private accommodations that are subdivided for secretion. For newly wedded or family people, this state is a great adventure location. Importantly, most people who visit this state are mature and don’t disturb visitors.


For security purposes, Hawaii is the best place to relax comfortably knowing your package and money are safe. The site provides the best security to its visitors who want to have the best adventure experience. Also, many securities officers aren’t corrupt.


This nation is composed of immigrants from different cultural backgrounds. From Africans, and Asians to European people, visiting this state blesses you with people of different cultures. As such, Hawaii provides a wide array of cultures that you can integrate.


Life in Hawaii is simple since jobs are closed around 4 pm. This state is one of the best places to work due to its convenience. If you are a banker or a tour guide, Hawaii provides immense opportunities to work freely.


From fruits to Mexican foods, Hawaii offers the best foods and drinks that are unrivaled. Also, the local delicacy is available thanks to the large population of indigenous people. In Hawaii, you can never get full when it comes to munching and enjoying drinks.

Attractive Scenes

From mountains to magnificent rainforest scenery, Hawaii provides one of a kind adventure to visitors. Hawaii is depicted as a tropical island suitable for people of all kinds. From senior residents to teens, Hawaii offers the best adventure experience witnessed nowhere else.

Hawaii car shipping cost factors

The main factors are: route, vehicle size, runner or non-runner, season.


Average Price to/from Ship From Hawaii

Hawaii car shipping process

You might think that … car shipping process is hard and can be overwhelming. But good news are that it’s not that hard and won’t take lots of time to prepare. Here is a simple … auto transport guide to prep your vehicle for car shipping and steps you need to take to ship your vehicle.

  • Get quotes from auto transport companies.

You will need to indicate your pickup and delivery locations (it’s ok if you don’t have the exact delivery address yet, simply indicate approximate zip code of the area), year/make/model of your vehicle, desired shipping date, type of the trailer.

  • Compare shipping quotes

Make no mistake – prices you are getting are just quotes (estimates). All prices are a subject of drivers confirmation. While some companies will claim prices are total and final – most probably they will change. Simply because the market is fluctuating and drivers can ask for more/less depending on the current marketplace situation.

  • Research your top picks and check their reviews

Make your own research. Google “company name” reviews to check online feedback about the companies you are thinking to hire. Check BBB, Google reviews and Transportreviews. DO NOT place orders with companies that have a lot of negative feedbacks and bait and switch alerts on their online accounts. Most probably these companies will offer the lowest prices.

  • Read the contract

Yes, you have to read the contract to be prepared for things that might happen during the transportation process. Things like damage, delays, extra charges, wrong delivery locations do occur – it’s better to be prepared.

  • Request drivers insurance once the carrier is assigned.

Your vehicle is insured by the carriers insurance, not by the company you signed the contract with. You have to request the insurance of the company that will actually pickup your vehicle. Take a closer look at cargo insurance and insurance deductibles.

  • Set up pickup date for Friday and get a day off from the job if necessary

Driver might be late because he needs to pickup 7-8 more cars within one day. It’s better to have some free time to realise your car whenever the driver is nearby. DO NOT FORGET to sign and get the copy of the Bill of Lading from the driver on pickup and delivery locations.

Open trailers

Open trailers used by vast majority of car shippers in Hawaii (private and business). It's a low cost, affordable and easy to find way of transportation to or from Hawaii

Enclosed trailers cost 75% more!

You should consider using enclosed trailer in case you have a classic, luxury or exotic car. While open trailers are safe enough to ship cars in Hawaii insurance options are better in enclosed trailer.

Hawaii driving conditions

Hawaii is a developing country and has average roads that can be trekked via a motorbike or car. It’s rare to find traffic jams in Hawaii thanks to the state privation of its Island. The cost of traveling in this state is quite cheap. Although the infrastructure is poor, this island state is easily accessible thanks to its 80-plus linking bridges. All in all, Hawaii is average in terms of driving. This though shouldn’t deter you from visiting this great adventure state. If you are a professional driver, navigating Hawaii state roads is quite simple.

Hawaii car shipping FAQ

How much time will it take to ship my car?

It depends on where you are shipping your car. You can get an early shipment as well, which takes a bit more charges.


How can I make my shipping payment?

Most of the companies shipping to Hawaii offer an online payment method, which includes the usual visa and master card.


Can I leave my car accessorized inside when transporting it?

It is better to remove everything from the car before transporting it to prevent your vehicle from damage. Some companies do not accept the car for shipping if there is anything inside.


Can I track my car online?

Almost all companies provide you with a tracking number through which you can easily track your car any time in a day.


Does the size of the vehicle matter while transporting it?

Yes, Every company has a standard size for every vehicle. If your car is bigger than the standard size, you might have to pay for two cars instead of one.


What should I do if my vehicle is damaged?

You should mention the damages to your vehicle in the form while applying for shipping. All the damage will be noted on the bill of lading, and you will show this while picking up your car after it is shipped.


There are some things which you must consider before transporting your car from one place to another. We will share what you must and must not do before sending your vehicle for shipping.

  • Always wash your car before transporting it. Make sure it is in neat and clean condition. There is no leakage of any kind. The reason behind all this is, you will be better able to estimate the amount of damage caused by shipping just in case.
  • Remove everything from the inside of the car. Make sure there is nothing inside. Small things like air fresheners and chargers etc., will only cause damage to the vehicle.
  • Get your car checked for any damage before transporting it. If there is any leakage, fix it right away. This leakage will only cause disaster to your vehicle.
  • Lock the car after transporting it to the auto transport truck. There is no need for it to be opened. Locking up the car reduces the risk of theft.
  • Tire pressure is another important thing. Make sure to have properly inflated tires. They will result in complete destruction if not appropriately inflated. The problem usually arises at the time of loading and unloading.
  • You should have an original title and registration of the vehicle.
  • You should ask for a discount if you are using the services from the same company again and again.