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Alaska car shipping basics

Updated: 07/31/2022

While car shipping process is understandable and easy in most USA states, auto transport in Alaska is a little bit different. Yes, you still can use open or enclosed transport to get your vehicles shipped. But most probably you will need to deliver your car to the port facility and then have it shipped via the vessel to Anchorage.

In this article we will try to explain the process, compare rates and discover great Alaska car shipping companies that can hep you with your long distance car shipping needs.

But let’s start with the basics. Why do you even need to think about car shipping when traveling or relocating to Alaska? The answer is very simple – it saves time and money. You can definitely drive your car form WA, and it will be a heck of a journey for sure, but still it’s easier to load your car to the vessel, ship it to Anchorage and pick it up from the port facility.

To ship your car most long distance car shipping companies will need to have some information about your vehicle, like: year/make/model of your car, pickup and delivery locations, desired dates and condition of your car. Will it cost you a fortune? Most probably not, but you shouldn’t expect cheap car shipping to Alaska.

Let’s start with comparing the best cheap car shipping companies based on different car shipping reviews websites.

Alaska cheap car shipping companies

You might get cheap car shipping quotes from different auto transport providers, but in reality only a handful of them know how to transport cars from WA to AK. Even fewer have local warehouses to store your car and load it when the vessel is ready.

Below we described most trusted Alaska car shipping companies that can help you with your auto transport request. We also requested quotes from them to understand how much does it cost and how long will it take to deliver cars to or from AK.

Company name




Alaska Marine Lines


5 stars


Northland Services


5 stars


Totem Ocean Trailer Express


5 stars


Northern Air Cargo


5 stars


Alaska Auto Transport


5 stars


Wrightway Auto Carriers


5 stars


Best nationwide car shipping companies

There are two types of companies that can ship cars in the USA: brokers and carriers. Brokers are the middlemen who organise the process. prepare all documentation, talk with customers and solve issues. Carriers are the actual companies who perform the transportation.

The driver from the carrier company will show up on the pickup location, load your car and deliver it to the destination point. We’ve prepared the list of Top 5 nationwide car shipping companies you can be safe to work with. You can find the list below.

Company name




Ship a Car Direct


5 stars

5 stars

Auto Transport 123


5 stars

5 stars

AmeriFreight Car Shipping


5 stars

5 stars

Montway Auto Transport


5 stars

5 stars

Auto Shipping Group Inc.


5 stars

5 stars

Car shipping rates to and from Alaska

Alaska car shipping rates differ from company to company. Some companies provide far from reality prices (sometimes too high, sometimes too low). The problem with Alaska car shipping requests is that not a lot of companies know or want to work with them.

Nevertheless we interviewed most trusted market operators to estimate the average prices on different routes.

Shipping To/From


Days in transit

Anchorage to Seattle


6 days

Portland to Anchorage


8 days

Alaska to California


12 days

Nevada to Anchorage


12 days

Illinois to Alaska


8 days

Alaska to Ohio


8 days

New York to Alaska


15 days

Alaska to Florida


16 days

Alaska major cities

Alaska is the largest state in the United States of America. The state was formed on January 3, 1959, achieved statehood with the passage of Alaska’s constitution on November 3, 1959. It comprises most of North America’s Arctic landmass and shares borders with Canada to the west and Russia to the east over Bering Strait. Alaska has more than 700 small communities scattered throughout its 36 million acres (150,000 km²). Alaska is a sparsely populated state with no significant urban areas. The population is concentrated on the coast, particularly in the cities of Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.

Major cities in Alaska

1. Anchorage

This city is located in the interior of Alaska. Anchorage is the largest city in the state and is located on the northern shore of Cook Inlet. It is known for its natural beauty and also for being one of the last safe places to buy oil before it is drilled from drilling platforms in the Arctic Ocean. Anchorage was founded as a trading post by Alexander Turney, Jr., a Scottish-Canadian businessman and his partner, William Haines, a member of one of the richest families in Ohio. They formed Coopers Landing in 1867 and renamed it Point Turney after the man who discovered it for them. The area later came to be called Anchorage.

2. Juneau

This city is the capital city of Alaska, in the US. It is also the only city on the mainland of Alaska with a population above 100,000 people. The city was incorporated in 1900 and is located on Gastineau Channel. It was named for being close to Juneau Islands which were named after an early fur trader, Joseph Juneau. The city also has a port which is used by cruise ships and freighters transporting coal and fish around Alaska.

3. Fairbanks

This city is the second-most populous city in Alaska. It is located 330 miles north of Anchorage and is situated in the interior region of Alaska, close to the Fairbanks North Star Borough. The city lies on the traditional territory of the Tanana and Dena’ina people who are believed to be among the first inhabitants of this place. It has a population of nearly 43,000 people. The estimated population of Fairbanks North Star Borough was 109,285 as of July 2012.

4. Badger

This city is the third-most populated city in Alaska. It is located about 370 miles north of Anchorage on the west bank of the Tanana River. It was named for an early prospector, William Badger. The city experienced a dramatic population increase after the discovery of natural gas deposits in 1929, but later declined during World War II due to low demand for coal here and elsewhere in the United States.

5. Knik-Fairview

Knik-Fairview is a city in Alaska, US. It is the largest city in the Bethel Census Area. It has a population of 11,819 residents. This city is 41 miles north-northwest of Anchorage and is part of the Greater Anchorage metropolitan area. Many people like it because it is close to the Knik Glacier. It is also close to Denali National Park and the Alaska Range. The area was first occupied by Athabaskan Indians.

6. College

This city is located in southcentral Alaska. Located at the confluence of the Kenai and Cook Rivers, it is one of Alaska’s longest river ports. It was established as a trading hub by Captain William Alden in 1887 and incorporated as College in 1909. The first store opened in 1898. In 1906, a Presbyterian Church was built, and then a schoolhouse in 1907; this was followed by the Methodist Episcopal Church (1st) building in 1912. A fire destroyed all of these buildings except the schoolhouse on February 18, 1957.

7. Wasilla

This city is located in southcentral Alaska. It is part of the Anchorage Metropolitan Statistical Area. It was named after a nearby lake that was named for “Wasil”, an early settler. Wasilla is located in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, about 25 miles (40 km) from the more populated parts of Anchorage and Fairbanks. The area was made famous by former Vice President Al Gore, who had a summer home here.

Reasons to move to Alaska

Reasons why people relocate to this state Alaska

1. Abercrombie Point

This point is an inlet of the Figueroa Channel and is located in the Southeast panhandle, right off the tip of the Peninsula. The land north of this point is called the Nellie Lee quadrangle and was named after a native woman who was said to be the last resident of Annette Island when it was uninhabited. The inlet was named for a whaling captain, John H. Abercrombie, who requested its name to be changed so that he could use it for his whaling station.2.Alakanuk Creek

2. Alaska Is a Hub for Indigenous Culture

Alaska was the last frontier of land in America, occupied by American Indians, Russians and a few others who settled here. It was where the great Eskimos, Aleuts and other indigenous peoples lived. When Europeans came to Alaska for the first time to establish a permanent settlement in 18th Century, they had to negotiate with indigenous people who once ruled this land. Even though they didn’t have much land, they were very rich in many things like culture and history. An individual’s journey to Alaska is a wonderful experience of experiencing a native culture and finding out more about themselves.

3. You Can Make a Lot of Money

The great thing about Alaska is that the cost of living is very low; which is why it is possible to earn a good income from there. One can easily make $50-100,000 annually. Very few people come here with a fixed income or have high earning potential as compared to other states.

4. Alaska Is Beautiful

If you like mountains, you will love this part of the United States. You can see some of these mountains during your stay in Alaska and you will find them as beautiful as they are in other parts of the country. There are quite a few waterfalls in Alaska which are also very popular among people visiting the state.

5. Buying a Home in Alaska Is Easy

Alaska is the place you can call home. The options and choices are limitless in this state and provide ample opportunity to anyone who wishes to buy a home, be it a permanent resident or a vacationer. If you want to learn more about buying real estate here, give us a call. We will provide you with the necessary guidance on how to make your immigration as easy as possible.

Alaska car shipping cost factors

The main factors are: route, vehicle size, runner or non-runner, season.


Average Price to/from Ship From Alaska

Alaska car shipping process

You might think that Alaska car shipping process is hard and can be overwhelming. But good news are that it’s not that hard and won’t take lots of time to prepare. Here is a simple Alaska auto transport guide to prep your vehicle for car shipping and steps you need to take to ship your vehicle.

  • Get quotes from auto transport companies.

You will need to indicate your pickup and delivery locations (it’s ok if you don’t have the exact delivery address yet, simply indicate approximate zip code of the area), year/make/model of your vehicle, desired shipping date, type of the trailer.

  • Compare shipping quotes

Make no mistake – prices you are getting are just quotes (estimates). All prices are a subject of drivers confirmation. While some companies will claim prices are total and final – most probably they will change. Simply because the market is fluctuating and drivers can ask for more/less depending on the current marketplace situation.

  • Research your top picks and check their reviews

Make your own research. Google “company name” reviews to check online feedback about the companies you are thinking to hire. Check BBB, Google reviews and Transportreviews. DO NOT place orders with companies that have a lot of negative feedbacks and bait and switch alerts on their online accounts. Most probably these companies will offer the lowest prices.

  • Read the contract

Yes, you have to read the contract to be prepared for things that might happen during the transportation process. Things like damage, delays, extra charges, wrong delivery locations do occur – it’s better to be prepared.

  • Request drivers insurance once the carrier is assigned.

Your vehicle is insured by the carriers insurance, not by the company you signed the contract with. You have to request the insurance of the company that will actually pickup your vehicle. Take a closer look at cargo insurance and insurance deductibles.

  • Set up pickup date for Friday and get a day off from the job if necessary

Driver might be late because he needs to pickup 7-8 more cars within one day. It’s better to have some free time to realise your car whenever the driver is nearby. DO NOT FORGET to sign and get the copy of the Bill of Lading from the driver on pickup and delivery locations.



Open trailers

Open trailers used by vast majority of car shippers in Alaska (private and business). It's a low cost, affordable and easy to find way of transportation to or from Alaska

Enclosed trailers cost 75% more!

You should consider using enclosed trailer in case you have a classic, luxury or exotic car. While open trailers are safe enough to ship cars in Alaska, insurance options are better in enclosed trailer.

Alaska car shipping FAQ

Q. Can I ship inoperable car to Alaska?

A. No, your vehicle is supposed to in running and driving condition.


Q. Can I leave my personal items inside the car? 

A. No, vehicle should be empty from any personal items.


Q. What information is required from me to ship my car to Alaska?

A. Information about the car, your ID, booking confirmation with port (in case you are shipping by a third party).


Q. Are there any size restrictions? 

A. The rates provided online apply to standard size vehicles. A standard size vehicle is defined as any passenger automobile not exceeding 21’6″ length x 7′ width x 6’5 height. If your vehicle is larger than the standard dimensions, please contact our oversize shipment department by calling (907) 331-3100 to receive a rate for your transportation.


Shipping your car to Alaska can be quite a challenge. It’s recommended to get in touch with two or three shipping providers to get all information you need and make an educated decision about your move.

While Alaska car shipping is a popular destination, it’s still much harder than shipping your car from FL to NY or from CA to TX.