Best Open Transport Car Shipping Companies

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Author: Steve Palmer

Updated: 08/12/2022

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Best open transport car shipping companies

Open car shipping is the most common type of car carrier. Therefore, as a result, it offers the cheapest rates. Open-top auto transport is considered to be a safe method of shipping a vehicle across the country.

Some of the advantages of open-top auto transport are:

Firstly, auto transport companies that use open-top shipping possess the equipment and experience to quickly get a vehicle from one place to another. The technology used by open-car hauling companies was created in order to ship vehicles efficiently and safely, thus utilizing their cargo space.

Secondly, with our open-top carriers, you won’t need to worry about your vehicle being damaged in any way. Our operations only hire professional car transporters who know what they are doing. In addition, this method of car shipping is the least time-consuming. The vehicle can be picked up and dropped off in a matter of days.

In conclusion, an open carrier is the cheapest and the most efficient way to ship your vehicle.


Transportli Score




9.6 out of 10


4.6 stars

Ultimate Transport 123

8.9 our of 10


3.7 stars

Ship A Car Direct

9.8 out of 10


4.6 stars

Auto Shipping Group

8.9 our of 10


4.8 stars


9.7 our of 10

Auto Shipping Group

4.7 stars

Mercury Auto Transport

8.5 out of 10


4.6 stars

Can I ship inoperable cars?

Sure, you simply need to indicate that your car is in inoperable condition. In this case shipping company will hire a trailer with winch to load your car.

Inoperable cars shipping cost is higher!

It will take some time and effort from the driver to load/unload your car into the trailer. You should expect extra 75-100 dollars charge for inoperable car shipping.

Open transport car shipping cost

When using Open Car Transport you can expect our driver will pick up your auto at your house or work, do all paperwork for you, and drop off your vehicle at any destination within US.

We get your car from point A to point B and back. We are a car transportation company with the cheapest, most reliable, and fastest auto shipping in the industry. In addition, we have a variety of vehicles at your disposal to ship any car, truck, or motorcycle.

We ship cars across the country and we guarantee the best price. Our auto transport service is designed to meet the needs of every customer. This is why we have a flexible system that allows you to choose your own door-to-door auto transport quote based on pickup and delivery destination, vehicle make and model, and shipping dates. We offer exceptional car shipping service, including door-to-door car transport, car shipping from coast to coast, and auto hauling.

In conclusion, we have been in the automobile transport business for over 20 years and we can guarantee you 100% satisfaction with every auto shipping service we provide because reasonable prices, dependable service, and best customer satisfaction are our main priorities.


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Enclosed Trailer

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Open vs Enclosed car transport

Enclosed car shipping is by far the safest way to ship a vehicle. It is fully enclosed and secured by the personnel of the carrier. This type of transport is the most secure way to ship a car and ensures that your vehicle arrives at its destination in the best condition. Enclosed car shipping is best for people who need their vehicle to be in a specific condition, such as a vintage car collector or a professional driver. It offers a more secure and protective way to ship cars, so if you have a special request, make sure that the company can accommodate your needs.

Consequently, all this extra protection comes at a higher price tag!

For example, an open car shipping company can charge you $800 to $1200 to ship your car. On the other hand, an enclosed transport company will charge around $1200 to $2400 for the same car, traveling to the same destination. The cost of shipping your vehicle will depend on many factors, such as the length of the trip, if it’s going across the country or across town, how fast you need it picked up and delivered. Click this link to help you understand what factors determine the price of shipping your car.

In conclusion, car shipping is a complicated process that includes more than just picking up the vehicle and dropping it off. Car transport companies must plan their routes, the amount of time it will take them to get to a certain destination and return; they also need to schedule the car pick-up and delivery along with any other pickups or deliveries which are going on at that time.

Open transport car shipping FAQ

Q: Can I put items inside of my vehicle?

The government is very straightforward with the answer to this question. No. You may not have personal belongings inside of your vehicle. Be cautious of any company that does not advise you properly on legislation regarding this issue.


Q: Can you guarantee a pickup date and/or time?

No, our team will not tell you anything you want to hear only to lead you into a problematic scenario. By law, any contracted date has a 48 hour forgiveness window for occurrences outside of our control such as weather, mechanical failure, etc. However, we will take your particular situation into consideration and formulate a solution that works for you. For example, if you have plane tickets and depart in 2 days, we can arrange for a terminal drop-off to assure your vehicle is securely stored awaiting our pick up. Many companies will give you guarantees that are unrealistic.

Q: I received a quote, however, when I spoke with a Transport Specialist, the price went up/down? Why?

When you went online initially, you input general information regarding your transport needs. That information was transmitted to us and a highly accurate quote based on that information was immediately sent to you. These generic quote forms are unable of taking abnormal scenarios your specific transport may require into account. Once one of our Transport Specialists tell you a price after hearing your specific needs, it will not change. Before you pay anything, you will know the entire cost for your transport and will be provided a contract stating your exact price.


Q: I have received a handful of quotes, why is a company like yours more expensive than others?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. There are many companies who will attempt to lure you in with a very low price. They will also charge you a deposit up front, without having provided any service. They will find a driver for the true cost of transport, and then call you back the day before you are scheduled to have your vehicle picked up explaining how they have made a mistake and/or are exercising some type of unknown fee, etc. At this point, you have no choice but to continue! When you add their initial fee and the newly inflated price, it will be well above the price we at US Auto Transport and Logistics will tell you from the beginning.

Q: How far in advance do I need to arrange my transport?

The truth is, the more time we have to find you a driver the lower your price can be. We never intend to rush you into a decision. This is also why we charge you nothing up front. We will ask for some type of commitment in the form of a credit or debit card to be held securely on file to insure that you are a client. Should you cancel for any reason; whether it be that you did not win the eBay auction, your financing did not go through on your new purchase, or your boss decided not to relocate you to the opposite coast, you will see no cancellation charges whatsoever.