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Boston car shipping basics

Do you need to ship your car to or from Boston? In this article we will answer all questions you might have about Boston car shipping process, prices and companies. While we understand that car shipping might look like a hard thing to do – it’s not. You will simply need to follow easy steps to make sure all things are done right.

How to ship your car from Boston?

The car shipping process is quite easy, you will simply need to follow these easy steps:

  • Get quotes from top-rated local companies
  • Compare quotes and choose 3-4 companies you like the most
  • Check their online reviews and FMCSA registration
  • Get in touch with them and talk live. You need to be comfortable while working with your shipping manager
  • Sign the contract with the company you liked the most
  • Once the carrier is assigned the shipping company will send you all information about the driver along with Certificate of Insurance
  • The driver will get in touch with you 1 day prior to pickup to schedule the perfect time
  • The driver will call you 1 day prior to delivery
  • Ta-da, your vehicle is delivered, that’s when you pay the driver!


Let’s dig in into car shipping prices and process!

Cheap Boston auto transport companies

Companies that offer cheapest quotes might not be the best option when choosing the car shipping provider. But with some due-diligence you can avoid unnecessary risk.

To make sur your company is safe and reliable you will need to check their online reviews and FMCSA registration. Avoid companies with low BBB rating and with alerts or patterns of complains. Some companies can offer unrealistically low rates just to lure you into signing the contract and raise the price afterwards.

Here is the list of what we think are the best companies in budget niche:

Company name

Transportli Score



Sonic Auto Transportation

8.9 out of 10


4.5 stars

Yellowfin Logistics

8.9 out of 10


4.1 stars

Elite Auto Shipping

7.6 out of 10


3 stars

Angels Moving Autos

7.9 out of 10


3.4 stars

Easy Auto Ship

9.5 out of 10


4.6 stars

Best Boston car shipping companies

Most car shipping companies in Boston offer similar services: open and enclosed trailers, door-to-door delivery and same day pickup. But there are two types of companies you will be dealing with: brokers and carriers. What is the difference?

Car shipping brokers:

These companies don’t own the truck nor carry insurance. Their job is to set up the process and prepare all documents. They are also responsible for carriers search and assignment. The main task of the broker company is to make sure the carrier that will pickup your vehicle is licensed and insured. Brokers don’t haul your vehicle and don’t take responsibility for the damage.

Car shipping carriers:

These are the companies that actually own the trucks and physically pickup vehicles. Carriers are obligated to have a automobile liability insurance plus cargo insurance.


Here is the list of what we think are the best car shipping companies in Boston:

Company name

Transportli Score



Ship a Car Direct

9.8 out of 10


4.6 stars

Ultimate Transport 123

8.9 out of 10


3.7 stars

AmeriFreight Car Shipping

9.7 out of 10


4.7 stars

Montway Auto Transport

9.6 out of 10


4.6 stars

Auto Shipping Group Inc.

8.9 out of 10


4.8 stars

Car shipping rates to and from Boston

Boston is one of the most important cities in terms of car shipping. It connects major routes not only for California, but for amny surrounding states, moreover the Long Beach port is a huge magnet for car shipping companies.

Let’s check prices on all major routes from Boston:




Boston - Houston



Boston - Portland



Boston - Atlanta



Boston - Miami



Boston - New York



Boston - Chicago



Boston - San Francisco



Boston to Florida car shipping

One of the most popular routes from Boston is to Florida. Miami in particular. No big surprises here – snowbirds season is something that drivers a lot of people from cold weather to sun and ocean.

The average price to ship a car from Boston to FL is around $1000 at the moment. Prices are a bit crazy, we know. Just a couple of year ago $650 was totally enough to ship a car on this route.

It will take 3-4 days to have your vehicle delivered from Boston. The carriers availability is high, so you won’t have any problems with getting the driver.


Boston to California car shipping

MA-CA, NY-CA are among the most popular car shipping routes from auto transport companies. Because of the route length it usually takes 7-8 days to delivery the car and price for standard sedan will be around $1550-$1600.

Majority of all trucks use 8-9 cars car haulers to deliver cars, so it’s imperative to have enough street space to meet the truck. In case your pickup or delivery locations are to narrow, you can meet the driver at the nearest parking lot.



Boston to San Diego auto transport

One of the most popular destinations from Boston is San Diego. The city located in California attract many movers and it won’t be a problem to find a reliable car shipping company to help you with your request.

The route is around 3000 miles, it usually takes around 7-8 days to deliver the car. The average price is $1750 for standard sedan.


Reasons to move to Boston

When people think of the historic New England city of Boston, they tend to think of red-shingled homes, cobblestone streets, old churches and an abundance of pubs. However, this is only one part of the city’s history. If you look a little closer at Boston, you’ll find that it has a much darker past than most people realize. From witch trials to executions on Gallows Hill in Salem to jails like the old Charlestown prison—which used to be known as “The Wickedest City in the World”—there are plenty of spooky secrets lurking within these old walls. Read on for some interesting facts about Boston’s haunted history!


The Salem Witch Trials

There are few topics that are as synonymous with Boston as witchcraft. The Salem Witch Trials took place in the city in 1692 and 1693, and were one of the most famous cases of mass hysteria in American history. Over 20 people were killed as a result of these witch trials. The trials took place in Salem Village, which is now known as Danvers, which is about 20 miles north of Boston. However, the trials were heavily covered in newspapers, which were printed in the city. The hysteria was so great that the judges had to leave the city because nobody was willing to be on their side. The trials resulted in one of the most haunted places in America: The Salem Witch Trial House. This is true of nothing else in Boston. Hundreds of thousands of people visit it every year.


Boston’s Dark Past

Boston’s history isn’t just about witch trials, but also about some of the most important events in early American history. This is a very old city and there is a lot of dark history that precedes the founding of the city by the Puritans in the 1600s. Many of the buildings that we associate with historic Boston today were built during the city’s peak at the turn of the 19th century. This is a city that is literally centuries old. The oldest buildings in Boston are almost 400 years old. This means that there are some very haunted places in the city. The Old State House is one of them. This is a building that was built in 1713, making it the oldest public building in the city—it even predates Boston itself. The Old State House has been the site of many spooky events, including the Boston Massacre. Hanging Judge Jeffries, who presided over the Salem Witch Trials, used to live nearby. There are many stories about people feeling a strange presence in the building and hearing strange noises, particularly at night. The city has many other haunted buildings as well, including the Old South Meeting House and the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company Building. The New England Mutual Life Insurance Company Building is so haunted that they have even set up a special ghost hunting tour.


The Old Charlestown Prison

The Old Charlestown Prison is one of the most famous—and notorious—places in Boston. It was originally built around 1839, but it was used for a long time as a jail. Some of the most famous people in American history passed through its doors. They include the likes of the infamous Boston gangster, James “Whitey” Bulger, who was imprisoned there for almost 15 years. The old Charlestown Prison sits right on the edge of the Charles River in the city. It is an imposing building that towers above the quiet neighborhood where it sits. There are many stories of hauntings associated with the prison. One of the most famous is that of James “Whitey” Bulger. Some people believe that he continues to haunt the prison. Many people report seeing a man walking around the prison at night. Although no one has ever seen his face, many have said that he is an older gentleman who might be wearing a hat.


Beacon Hill and the Mayflower Steps

Beacon Hill is one of the most iconic landmarks in Boston. This is the spot where the famous “one if by land, two if by sea” incident took place during the American Revolution, when a group of colonists were intercepted by the British. Beacon Hill was also the site of the first de facto capital of the United States. After the Revolutionary War, the capital was moved from Philadelphia to Boston. This was a very temporary capital, but it was still a significant event. There are many stories about strange happenings on Beacon Hill. One of the most famous is the Mayflower Steps. These are a set of steps that lead up to the Massachusetts State House, which was the de facto capital of the United State during the Revolutionary War. Many people have reported seeing the ghost of a woman who is wandering around the steps at night. She is dressed in a long black dress and appears to be looking for something.


Bunker Hill and the Battle of Breed’s Hill

One of the most famous battles in American history was the Battle of Bunker Hill. This was a battle that took place during the American Revolution in 1775. The battle was fought on the site of the famous Bunker Hill Monument. The Battle of Breed’s Hill took place just a few hundred yards away. Both of these locations are in Boston, but Breed’s Hill is about a mile away from Beacon Hill. These two places are very significant in the history of Boston and the American Revolution. They are also two of the most haunted places in the city. Breed’s Hill is the site of a famous paranormal phenomenon known as the “Ghost of Breed’s Hill.” Many people have seen a ghostly light appear on the battlefield in the middle of the night. This light moves around the battlefield and is occasionally accompanied by sounds of marching. The Battle of Bunker Hill has many stories of hauntings as well.


Statues at Copp’s Hill and the Old Burying Ground

One of the most famous cemeteries in Boston is the Copp’s Hill burial ground. This cemetery is very old and is located near the Old North Church. This graveyard is famous for its many Revolutionary War-era gravestones. The Copp’s Hill burial ground also holds a grisly secret. This graveyard is home to the remains of a man who has become known as the “Unlucky Copp’s Hill Gravedigger.” This man is believed to have been a gravedigger who was crushed to death while trying to dig a grave. He is buried in that grave that he dug. The graveyard is also home to several other spooky stories, including a story of a boy who was visiting the graveyard at night and was attacked by a woman who tried to cut off his ear.



Boston is a city of history, but it’s also a city that is associated with dark and spooky legends. This is a city where witches were killed, the first shots of a revolution were fired, and the first capital of the United States was held. This is a city that has seen a lot of terrible things, but it’s also a city that has seen a lot of history and has a lot of stories to tell. There are many places in Boston that are haunted. From the Mayflower Steps to Bunker Hill to the Copp’s Hill graveyard, there are many places that are haunted by history. If you want to experience some of Boston’s haunted history for yourself, then you can visit these places.


Boston car shipping cost factors

The main factors are: route, vehicle size, runner or non-runner, season.


Average Price to/from Ship From Boston

Boston Car Shipping Discounts

Most companies offer special discounts to corporations, military, real estate agencies, and relocation companies moving their employees or clients vehicle. Whether you need one or more vehicles moved one at a time or simultaneously, to offices or new homes car shipping companies will assist you in serving your employees or clients.

Here are the categories of citizens that can request discounts from auto transport companies:

  • Military
  • First Responders
  • Medical Personnel
  • Student
  • Senior Citizens
  • Return Customer
  • Multiple vehicles


Even though many companies offer car shipping discounts this is not obligatory and you should doublecheck this information with your personal shipping manager or customer support department.


Open trailers

Open trailers used by vast majority of car shippers in Boston (private and business). It's a low cost, affordable and easy to find way of transportation to or from Boston.

Enclosed trailers cost 75% more!

You should consider using enclosed trailer in case you have a classic, luxury or exotic car. While open trailers are safe enough to ship cars in Boston, insurance options are better in enclosed trailer.

Boston car shipping TIPS

How to get a car shipping quote?

There are a number of ways for obtaining car shipping quotes. Nevertheless, the most effective way will be to get one by going online and searching for the term “vehicle shipping quotes”. Lots of companies will appear on your search results, and a few of them will be offering instant quotes as well.


How to prepare your vehicle for shipping?

Preparing your vehicle for shipping can prove to be quite complicated in the long run. Below, we have provided some guidelines which will come of use to you.


  • 1. Gather the documents of your vehicle

Prior to shipping the car, a proof will be required by the vehicle transporters that the car is actually yours. Prepare these documents beforehand so as to avoid delays in shipment.

• Insurance proof

• Vehicle registration info

• Bill of Sale

• Original title of the vehicle

• Your unexpired proof of identity


  • 2. Get the vehicle washed

It will be imperative to wash your vehicle comprehensively since this will allow you to observe any existing dust and scratches present on the car. It will enable you to detect any fresh damage which might happen to the vehicle during shipment. Remember to wash the interior of the car as well.


  • 3. Get rid of any personal item

In case there is not much space in the moving van, you might be stashing several heavy boxes in the car prior to its shipment. However, you should refrain from doing this. The items which are packed in the car will not be insured against theft or damage. Consequently, get rid of any unessential or personal items from the automobile.


  • 4. Lock up your car

Although it will be imperative to drive your vehicle for loading onto the auto transporter, it will be advisable for you to lock your car prior to shipment for safeguarding it against theft.